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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meretricious Moment

Meretricious Moment
Meretricious Moment by mystic2awesome on

Just mix a little turquoise slashes and blots with pink bubbles, then just a touch of flame, and interesting figure and a few black tendrils. This is a collage I created at Polyvore just click on the link above and you can be creating collages in moments. I have a long way to go on learning the in's and out's of collage creating and Polyvore but it's such fun with all the great colors and items to choose from.

I chose the the color pink because it is supposed to signify love, friendship and harmony which should always be above the darkness in one's heart of hearts. The color turquoise is a good color to help one find the logic in situations where sometimes there seems to be no logic and that is why I try to always keep something turquoise near my bed to help me when I dream. The black at the bottom represents that which sends it's tendrils into our heart and being trying to tarnish what we have there with it's darkness and the figure is trying to stay above the darkness.

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  1. Thanks for your nice words on my blog Emme !!
    And have fun with Maggie's link and Polyvore !
    hearty greetings Rian (the Netherlands)