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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cool Stuff

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Gypsy Life

I'll be away for a bit but back soon with some Crazy cool fabrics to add a few more Bags and Purses to my mystic2awesome shop at

Due to recent health issues, Hubby and I have sold our home and are going to be living the Gypsy life (in our newly purchased RV) and fulfilling a few Bucket List dreams.  I will continue to craft and create on the road.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Art Purse

Awesome vintage laces and fabrics embellish this wearable Art Purse.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Creativity Spell

Creativity incantation spells make this Spell bottle of Gems by mystic2awesome the perfect implement to inspire your creativity. I created this pretty embellished art bottle a few months ago but it just never seemed to be complete, until I found the tangerine costume acrylic rose and leaves.

Do you need some extra inspiration and creativity or maybe just a little company in your crafting? This decorative Inspiration Spell bottle has been designed using mystical gemstones and beads of amethyst, agate, glass chips, polished rocks, crystals, coral, an earring heart of mother of pearl, golden metal dragonfly, vintage amber glass octagon chandelier drops and other odds and ends then incantations attracting creativity and inspiration are added.
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Incantation Spell Bottle Bottle by mystic2awesome has an amber glass chandelier teardrop piece which seals the Spell bottle with beads, gold colored jewelry pieces, hearts and beads. The altered bottle is hand decorated and embellished inside with varnish, silver paint and enamels swirled with lacquers displaying lots of textures and shapes.

The bottom of the recycled glass Inspiration bottle has a beautiful gold colored metal base of swirled twigs and acrylic cabs which was once a part of a ladies belt buckle of unknown age. The base of the glass Spell bottle also has coiled wire with bead toppers creating little flower buds growing randomly around the base, recycled jewelry, brass bullet casings, rhinestones, diamond glitter and such.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cyber Elegance

Hanging Art Doll by gothb4play using recycled and repurposed once loved items with an unknown past now reincarnated and waiting to be loved once again. This dark darling hanging sculpture started out with a beautiful hard resin elegant Ladies face, hard rubber/plastic doll hands and a distressed chain to hang her up by.

The Dark Dancer Cyber assemblage doll has wire wrapped arms that can be bent and posed with a thatch of black eyelash ribbon for hair.

The Dark Dancer Art Doll assemblage is attached permanently to a the hanging chain (8 inches long) with a clasp. There is an abalone button, a green vintage glass faceted custom jewelry stone and vintage lace on the back. The front has the face, a distressed decorative metal recycled belt piece, a glass amber colored bead, aqua and gold bead, repurposed jewelry chains, Vintage fabrics and lace, legs made from repurposed vintage jewelry with brass bullet casings for feet.

All materials are of an unknown age and past life but have been cleansed of any lingering negative energies and enhanced with positive blessings.
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The Hanging Sculpture Art Doll is approximately 7 inches tall from wire hair to the tips of the toes. The chain at the top is 8 inches in length.

Thank you to all those who have left feedback on their purchases: You are greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stunning Spring colors

This Gypsy Bag is a beautiful, unique, one of a kind bright lime green altered purse bag with a gorgeous hand made repurposed fabric roses of dark blue and purple on each side of the purse which blend in with the colors of the strap handle which is a combination of lime green, dark blues, aqua and purple.

This is a beautifully wearable art piece inspired by the colors and textures of Spring using a newly purchased lime green purse. Hand sewn, beautifully colored accented embellishments that complement each other have been added on each side of the purse. One side has a big lime green fabric beaded rose with a hand made fabric dark blue rose on each side of the green rose.

There is a dark purple rose on the upper right corner (the purple looks blue in the photo for some reason) and on each upper side of the purse is a tattered green gathered bunch of ribbon with a aqua organza type ribbon flower with white seed pods in the center.

The bag has a lime green satiny fabric liner with a zippered side pocket on one side and two open unzippered pockets on the other side and a zippered closure. The lime Gypsy Bag has a fold over leather flap in light brown on each side. These flaps had snap closures but the did not hold the strap closed properly and kept coming un snapped so they are now permanently sealed but you can untie the repurposed cloth strap and adjust the length easily. For black items see:

The bottom layer of the purse is a gathered pale green net fabric over laid with matching sheer lace hand sewn with greenish beads. Hand sewn repurposed embellishments also include vintage, tattered lime green embroidered crocheted lace which has been hand sewn and embellished with green polished rock chips and beads.

As with all the recycled materials I use, all items have been cleansed and enhanced with positive loving thoughts as I worked upon the piece:

The mystic bag is 9 inches wide at the widest and sloaps in to the middle at 8 inches , the bottom is 3 inches by 9 inches. The fabric strap is approximately handle is 38 inches with another 15 inches hanging on each side and you can untie this and adjust the strap.