Reinvented handmade

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Ea

The Ea, a Babylonian Goat-fish a symbol of regenerative powers of the world's living creatures.  I've never met one but I think it's going on my Bucket list.  But with no mystical fish I'll have to be content knowing that if not my body, my mind is enjoying the regenerative, energizing joy of creativity.  The mind can take you back into a past you were never born in and far, far into a future only you could envision.  That makes you Queen (or King) over all that surrounds you... in your own workspace at least, enjoy that!

This little art piece is a delicate looking little treasury wich contrary to it's presence is actually a very strong piece which has been created for attracting a love that knows no boundaries.  To see more views you can visit my little mystic2awesome Etsy shop.