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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cyber Elegance

Hanging Art Doll by gothb4play using recycled and repurposed once loved items with an unknown past now reincarnated and waiting to be loved once again. This dark darling hanging sculpture started out with a beautiful hard resin elegant Ladies face, hard rubber/plastic doll hands and a distressed chain to hang her up by.

The Dark Dancer Cyber assemblage doll has wire wrapped arms that can be bent and posed with a thatch of black eyelash ribbon for hair.

The Dark Dancer Art Doll assemblage is attached permanently to a the hanging chain (8 inches long) with a clasp. There is an abalone button, a green vintage glass faceted custom jewelry stone and vintage lace on the back. The front has the face, a distressed decorative metal recycled belt piece, a glass amber colored bead, aqua and gold bead, repurposed jewelry chains, Vintage fabrics and lace, legs made from repurposed vintage jewelry with brass bullet casings for feet.

All materials are of an unknown age and past life but have been cleansed of any lingering negative energies and enhanced with positive blessings.
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The Hanging Sculpture Art Doll is approximately 7 inches tall from wire hair to the tips of the toes. The chain at the top is 8 inches in length.

Thank you to all those who have left feedback on their purchases: You are greatly appreciated!

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