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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Recycled Avon Jars

I was a beautiful cobalt blue glass Avon salt shaker who lost her pepper partner still with the fragrance inside and never, ever used as a salt shaker. Now I am embellished with silvered jewelry pieces some of unknown ages and past lives. My base is a silvered necklace made from tiny little rounded pieces of metal and I was very expensive in my day and wound my way around the neck of a Lady of taste and elegance but when broken I was tossed aside with no future to look forward to. A little Kokopelli sits upon my top edge who was not treated well but now has a place that is safe and surrounded by friends. The very top blue bubble was a Christmas Ornament of thin glass which was only brought out for December holidays, but now I am in the sunlight daily and love it.

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