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Thursday, November 4, 2010

After Halloween

Spur Country
Spur Country by mystic2awesome

The time has come to morn Halloween pumpkins, bring in the skeletons hanging outside and put away the bats for another year. Well, maybe not...just maybe I can hang the skeleton in my car as an anti theft device. Who would steal a car with a skeleton hanging inside in the back seat just waiting to rip your thieving head off. I could hang the bat out my back door as a scare tactic to keep the squirrels away from my precious buried bulbs that they find so tasty in the winter months. (what ARE squirrels afraid of)

And the pumpkins? They do serve a purpose after the Halloween season is over. My Great Grandmother told me that the pumpkins go to feed the pigs, because pigs of course will eat anything. The pumpkins that were not perfect enough to be Halloween pumpkins were left in the pumpkin fields and the farmers let the cows out to roam in the fields. The cows step on and crush the pumpkins under their hooves and then do what cows do most of the day...they "fertilize" the pumpkin fields. The crush the pumpkin seeds into the ground and "fertilize" them for next years pumpkin patch, hardly any human work is needed. That is why you will never see me eating a Pumpkin Pie, ever...Thanks Great Grandma!

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  1. What a sweet Great Grandma =-}

    In my house the halloween stays up all year!